I need IMMEDIATE help!

Often an unforeseen medical event creates an immediate need for intervention and assistance, and most individuals don’t know where to turn for help. Whether it’s a life-changing event such as a stroke, or a fall at home, time can be of the essence.  I can help with immediate solutions whether your loved one is hospitalized or at home.

It may require help with discharge planning and securing the appropriate services and equipment at home, helping with the transition to rehabilitation facilities, or working with you to get the appropriate services for the home so that your loved one is safe.

This can be particularly helpful for adult “children” who live far from their parents, or for spouses who have no local support, or anyone who just doesn’t know where to turn.

I need help for my spouse or myself

Everyone is going to develop deficiencies as they age and most will need some help in figuring out just what they need to maintain an independent life. I can help you identify your needs and direct you to qualified and vetted local home health and daily lifestyle programs and services, ones that suit your specific needs. The possibilities are endless and may range from finding an exercise program, meal delivery service, or the perfect companion for you to creating a simple plan that can be carried out in case of an emergency.

But perhaps nothing is more difficult than caregiving for a spouse. It can be very challenging to be both emotionally involved and objective at the same time, and it becomes extremely difficult to know when and how to reach out for help. While family members may be involved and offer astute and helpful suggestions, they are often not physically with you on a daily basis. Having a trusted resource for objective caregiving advice and possible referrals to programs and service providers can help alleviate the stress and allow you to spend more quality time with your spouse. Of course, taking care of yourself is of utmost importance.  I can work with you to maintain a healthy balance in your daily life.

I need help for my parent or other relative

Very few things are more difficult and/or stressful and consuming than helping an aging parent. It’s even harder when you live far away. Either way, having a trusted resource who can provide objective advice and immediate solutions is invaluable.

With everyone’s work schedules, family events and other obligations it’s can be incredibly difficult to have the time to help your parent(s) without being controlling.  It’s important that you allow them to remain “in the driver’s seat as much as possible.

I can help you help your parents, by doing as much or as little as you want or need. Maybe they need help at home, or simply a meal delivery or ride service to make their lives easier.  Perhaps you need guidance in determining just the right type of help they need. While caregiving can be very complicated, sometimes the solutions are very simple. The key is to not focus on the stress of caregiving but rather focus on spending quality family time.

I just need a little extra help with referrals

The one thing I can guarantee about caregiving and helping aging loved ones is that things will change. The key is not to allow each change to result in a crisis.  While I am a firm believer in “not fixing what isn’t broken,” sometimes you need a little change in strategy and few tweaks in the care and assistance you may have.  I can help you make the necessary changes, quickly.

I need to create a plan of action for my parent(s) or myself

Over the years I’ve seen first-hand people who plan ahead for potential/eventual caregiving needs, have a much easier and less stressful experience.

Whether it’s for you, a parent or other loved one, I can help you create a long-term sustainable care plan that considers one's wishes and desires while accommodating their personal resources. As a caregiver, you may be in a position to make decisions.  Having a plan allows you to make this decision your loved one would make if they could make it themselves.

Creating a plan is a multi-faceted process that takes time. It starts with conversations, and includes the gathering and collating of critical information and resources.

If you fall into one of the following categories you should think about planning ahead whether it’s for you, a parent or other loved one.

  • Individuals or families with a relative recently diagnosed with dementia
  • Individuals or families with aging loved ones who live independently but will likely need local resources and services to remain independent
  • Individuals who just want peace of mind as they remain independent

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