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Help With Medication Management: Simplifying the Medications

My mother has advanced Alzheimer's Disease along with several other chronic conditions that require medications. In addition to the eight prescribed medications that she takes every day, she also takes supplements. My father took care of organizing her meds until his own health challenges made that too difficult for him.   

My mother has 24/7 care from terrific aides provided by an agency, but they are not licensed to either set up or give her the medications. So, I have been going over to their home and organizing her meds so that the caregivers can place them in front of her at the appropriate times. It’s been a disaster! Between making sure she takes all of the medications at the right times and making sure she doesn’t run out, it's almost like a full-time job.

Any suggestions? Laura S., Miami FL.


I was so appreciative when I heard from you about helping me with my upcoming surgery needs and post-operative care. Your interest and speedy follow-up were very helpful. The services provided worked out extremely well.

Judy R, Miami, FL

Nancy is like a best friend, mentor and professional consultant who addresses the concerns of an elderly parent and tactfully cares for the needs of the family as well. I could not recommend her higher or feel better about having her in our lives at this complex and poignant time.

Jan S , Los Angeles, CA

Nancy turned a very chaotic and stressful situation into one where both my brother and I could relax, knowing that my mother was being properly cared for. Without her support, we would never have been able to organize the integrative care my mom so urgently needed. Thank you, Seniority Matters!

Ricky F, Berkeley, CA

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