When a parent or relative needs caregiving support services, it's important to find a trustworthy agency or individual provider. That’s why we have developed a rigorous screening process to verify the credentials of every company or individual that we recommend in our directory or in private consultations. In addition, we have personal meetings with providers throughout the year and monitor their relationships with our clients.

Depending of the type of service, our provider background checks include the following protocol: 

  • State license (s) verification
  • Proof that employee background checks have been conducted (health care agencies)
  • Social Security checks
  • Multi-state and county criminal and sex offender search
  • Proof of qualifications (home healthcare workers)
  • Drug testing
  • Insurance coverage
  • Checks on past or pending court liens or judgments

How We Work with Recommended Providers

All home care and medical service providers pay an annual fee to be listed in our Seniority Matters directory. (Fees are scaled to reflect the type and size of the business). A portion of the fee covers our screening costs, such as background checks and reference checking, as well as collecting and maintaining detailed information about their services in our searchable directory.  

All other service providers are screened but do not pay any fees to be in the directory.

Our screening protocol enables us to connect you with a provider that we can recommend with confidence. We consider this service so important that we only allow pre-screened businesses to place advertisements on our website.  We do NOT take any additional referral fees for recommending you to a provider.