Packing up and moving isn’t the least bit daunting to Barbara Wolfsdorf. In fact, she thrives on it - the more minutiae, the better. Barbara, a new Seniority Matters Service Provider, is so adept at the grueling process that she’s known as the Move Out...Move In Specialist!

Her company, Lifestyle Moving, specializes in helping seniors and their families cope with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation - everything from identifying, labeling and sorting items so they’re ready to donate to friends, family and charitable organizations or sold - to unpacking and de-cluttering.

She’ll even stock the kitchen cabinets, make beds, set up closets and take care of those pesky change of address forms.

It’s an ideal service for seniors - or their caregivers - who don't have the time, inclination or ability to move themselves. Barbara, a licensed and insured member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), helps families throughout South Florida and is happy to set up a free consultation.

To learn more about Barbara and how she can help your next move be a stress-free one, please view her Seniority Matters Directory listing or check out her website. And, leave the packing to her!

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