Tis already the season -- and our older family members are always the most difficult to buy presents for. Though many insist that the only gift they'd like is quality time with their children and grandchildren, it's really nice to bring along a Holiday gift. Whether you purchase a big gift, or a small one, you want it to be something that's perfect for them. 

Here are some ideas for thoughtful gifts, most of which you can purchase online to make holiday shopping easier than ever.

  • eReaders and Tablets:  With so many new tablet options, it's hard to know which ones to buy so these guides to eReaders and tablets will help you find the best one for your parent (or you).  Despite the higher price tag, I think tablets, such as the IPAD, are a great choice seniors because they offer more functionality with apps such as Skype and FaceTime (iPad only) you can hold face-to-face conversations regardless of where you are.  This year, AARP introduced their own tablet with oversized text and icons that's available exclusively at Walmart. This is a great gift for those who live far from their grandchildren.
  • Photo Books: A gift of wonderful memories is always at the top of my holiday gift list. Creating one has become so simple and intuitive on websites such as  Picaboo, Shutterfly, and even Apple's iPhoto.  Pharmacy chains like Walgreens and CVS have online photo websites where you can make "brag" books, posters, calendars and other photo gifts for pick up at a store near where you live. 

  • For The Chef and Those Who Love to Putter Around in the Kitchen: There are so many fabulous gadgets that make cooking easier and safer for our loved ones.  For example, the digital measuring cup from Taylor helps you to accurately measure anything, liquid or dry.  And now, breakfast can be prepared in just a few minutes with this toaster and egg poacher from TEM.  A temperature controlled faucet light that fits on most kitchen sink nozzles is very clever. Once attached, the water will light up in a beautiful blue color when you turn on the tap. If it gets hotter, the color switches to red.  But my favorite is a set of cooking utentils from OXO (Ox-Oh) that are so fabulous for those with Arthritis. They have non-slip, flexible handles and come in attractive gift sets.  
  • Coffee, Tea, or Me.  Single serving coffee makers make it so easy to enjoy a cup of coffee without the fuss of making a whole pot. It's hard to find anything easier to use that the Keurig or Nespresso. And if your parent or other relative already has one of these, there are plenty of pods (coffee and tea) and accessories that they'll also appreciate.

  • Special Food Treats: Have you discovered My Mothers' Delicacies?  IMHO, they make the most delicious rugelach and cookies. They're packaged while still warm and even the UPS delivery person can smell the wonderful aroma seeping out from the box. Those on gluten free diets will love,love,love the cookies and brownies from Miami's own Organic GinnyBakes. You can purchase special platters, boxes of cookies, or mixes that you can make yourself if you like your cookie warm. You can send a half-gallon jar of heat and eat "hand-crafted chicken soup from  “Spoonful of Comfort.”  They include a soup ladle and made-from-scratch rolls so it can be a complete meal. The gift package comes with a note card and candy cane and they even throw in four-servings of hot cocoa. 
  • For the Visually Impaired: A magnifying glass makes a fabulous gift. There are many to choose from depending on your need.  Firststreetonline sells magnifying tools that can go over a desk top or laptop computer, can help in reading prescription bottles, those that are lit for nighttime use, and even those that just fit in a purse or pocket. How about a large TV/Audio remote controller from Big Button Remotes.  You'll find ones that are back lit and easy for those with arthritic hands to use.
  • For the Hearing Impaired: A set of “TV Listener Wireless Headphones” is the perfect gift for someone who always needs the volume set on high. They allow someone to listen to to the TV, Stereo, Radio, or any other audio source at a comfortable volume, without disturbing others in the room. This gift is not only for the hearing impaired but also for someone who wants to watch TV when someone else is sleeping. 
  • For The Visually and Hearing Impaired: A photo phone from Serene that features nine large photo memory buttons for the visually impaired. The phone also features an extra loud ringer and is hearing aid compatible. You can find this phone and other well designed phones online at Amazon as well as in stores such as Sears.
  • For the Card Player: playing card holders are a thoughtful for those suffering from arthritis or other hand joint pain and find it difficult to hold plaing cards. These are priced under $10. They can also perform double duty as Mah Johngg tile holders, or even recipe holders in the kitchen!   
  • For great stocking stuffers: How about an LED Lenser M1 Flashlight? It's powered by a lithium 10 year battery, and it's a great gadget to keep next to a bed for someone who gets up in the middle of the night. You can purchase this on Amazon.  One of my favorite gifts is a "reacher grabber."  It grabs all those things that are either too high or far away (or even on the floor). No ladders, stepstools or chairs needed. 
  • And Finally--- For the Golfer: Bionic ReliefGrip Leather Gloves are especially great for those with arthritic hands. Some wearers claim that they even   increase swing speed and distance!  They're constructed so that they will help to keep your hands cool and dry, even on hot days. 

And speaking about Golf, don't forget to check out my annual Holiday "Give A Gift of Fitness" suggestions. 

 Here's list of websites that will make your holiday gift giving for that special mature adult easier.

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