Forget everything you know – or experienced – about living with roommates. Times have changed. It’s a new world and Senior Homeshares— the innovative online housemate service designed for older adults – has embraced it.  

The company matches elders who have more home than they need or can afford with others on a fixed income looking for safe, affordable housing. “Many of our users are empty-nesters, widows or widowers, who may have an especially difficult time adapting to life alone,” notes its website.

This new wave of living together is perfect for our generation – we can remain independent, avoid an assisted living facility and get some much-needed companionship (after all going solo isn’t always a good thing).

The company ensures a good match with its intensive questionnaire (after all it’s important to be able to pick and choose amenities, such as location, internet, nearby shopping and outdoor space) that also takes into consideration your budget.    

There’s also phone support (in addition to email and chat) staffed by experts 55 and older – who better to understand our needs and desires?

As Boomers, we’re paving the way for our own brave new world. We’re putting a new spin on getting older. And that’s a good thing.  “We're going to change the way we age. More so than the generations that precede us, we want to remain active and independent,” notes Stephanie Heacox, Founder of Senior Homeshares. “Yet we are also keenly aware that we are social, familial creatures, and we are willing to explore new ways of living in community, and of participating in today's sharing economy.”

Want to share your home? Or find your own version of home, sweet home?   

If this is something you've thought about, take a look at the site and register-- It's free. They're growing and always adding new listing throughout the US.

Visit for more information. 


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