It's no secret that I feel very strongly about Geriatric Care Managers (GCM's) and how important they can be in senior care. A previous blog post described what they do.  I am thrilled that Candice Brown, RN has joined the Seniority Matters Service Provider Directory.

Candice is an expert at navigating mazes. And that’s imperative when dealing with the daunting health care labyrinth. Her company, Brown's RN's And Geriatric Care Managers, Inc., specializes in determining, planning for and monitoring the complex/chronic healthcare needs of your elderly loved ones - while keeping them safe, independent and healthy in their current residence (after all there’s no place like home). She's experienced in working with challenging, complex cases

Candice has only been part of our directory for only a few months, but already our clients are talking about professionalism, expertise and efficiency.  One couldn't believe the speed with which Candice got things going, and noted that she “certainly doesn't let grass grow under her feet."

Brown's RN's And Geriatric Care Managers, Inc. strives to cut through the red tape: An initial needs assessment is completed, then a plan is put into action. Among their duties: communicating your loved ones’ needs to their doctors, setting up home care, therapies, medical consultations, making weekly visits and helping families plan now and for the future. And just as important: reporting back and collaborating with families and the patient to come up with the best possible solutions.

After all, knowledge is power. To learn more about Brown's RN's And Geriatric Care Managers, Inc., please view her Seniority Matters Directory listing.

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