It's hard to find a palatable solution to the driving dilema that so many of us face with our aging loved ones.  I've written about available driving programs for seniors, and I liked the Beyond Dignity With Driving (BDD) program so much that I became a Certified Instructor so that I could offer it to our Seniority Matters users in South Florida.  Please click here to learn more about the program and to learn how it could be a good fit for your loved one. 

There are two ways you can provide The BDD program to your own parent or other aging relative.

  • There's a three hour, in-home program facilitated by a certified instructor. The program includes easy-to-administer and non-intrusive cognitvie exercises, an in-depth personal interview and a driving exercise in the individual's own car with our professional riding next to them. In the end...should driving retirement be the final recommendation, we will provide you with acceptable alternatives, resources, and a plan to ensure as easy a transition as possible from driving. If, on the other hand, the final recommendation is that the person is a safe driver, we will provide strategies on how to remain that way, and how to recognize changes in this status. 

The cost of this in home, 3-hour assessment is $350.00.  If you'd like to schedule the in-home program or have any questions just give us a call at (786) 537-2400.

  • If you don't think that the personalized self-assessment method is right for your family member, then consider the do-it-yourself approach, where you can use the "Beyond Driving with Dignity workbook. Working through this instrument will also help your family make driving-related decisions that are not only in the best interest of the older driver, but for others on the road as well. The workbook was designed to be used by your family in the privacy and comfort of your own home. If you then find that you change your mind, you can easily arrange the personalized self-assessment. To learn more about the workbook, click here

The workbook costs $27.95. If you'd like to order it click here.

Not sure which way is best for your family member? Give us a call and we'll help you make the decision that's best for you.

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