Is this the year that your friend/spouse/parent will finally get moving? That is, exercise regularly for good health and an even better disposition? I have some good ideas that just might inspire the most inert counch potato. It's worth a try.  

 Who wouldn't love one-on-one time with a Personal Trainer?

  • Sibyl Adams, is an experienced personal trainer whose fitness blog appears on this website. Sibyl is certified by the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF. Her devoted clients live throughout Miami-Dade County.
  • Another certified Fitness Trainer we highly recommend in the South Miami-Dade area is Tanis Lopez. Tanis will work with you either at your home or at the Pinecrest Fitness Center.
  • Kerry Eve runs  Eves Up and At'em. She trains in the Deerfield Beach area of Broward County and specializes in working with seniors. 

Can't find a personal trainer for you or a parent in your area? To find one that is certified to train older adults visit The American Council on Exercise website where you'll be able to search by zipcode of reside to find one near your loved one. 

Have You Checked Out Your Local Community Center?

  • A membership makes a wonderful holiday gift since it offers access to so many great fitness classes and events. It's also a great way to meet people.

For those who prefer a "non-traditional" workout:

  • Judd Zisquit, is a wellness coach and T'ai Chi Instructor specializing in seniors and those with limited mobility. You can find him teaching T'ai Chi at various senior living facilities in South Florida and he also offers private, individualized T'ai Chi classes in your home. Check out his website where you can learn more about him and all the wonderful things he does.
  • How about a gift of yoga classes?  Lara Figuero, a certified yoga instructor.  She offers classes at the church on Key Biscayne or you can arrange for a private session in your own home. An added bonus: She's also a licensed massage therapist and does deep tissue, Swedish, and Reiki massage with Aromatherapy. Check out her listing in our directory. You can find a yoga studio near you, regardless of where you or your parent live, by clicking here to view a national directory.
  • Consider introducing your friend or relative to Pilates, which focuses on strengthening the core (large) muscles, and improving balance, posture and flexibility. The Polestar Physical Therapy and Pilates Center in Miami offers a wide range of classes for every level of proficiency and because they take a holistic approach by adding physical and massage therapy to the mix. Purchasing a gift of sessions here would be an especially good fit for someone who is recovering from an injury. 

And for those who prefer to go it alone......

A group class isn't everyone's cup of tea, so here are some ideas for the individualist on your holiday gift list this year:

  • A cushioned exercise mat to make exercising more comfortable.  (It can even double as a pool float!)
  • Fill a basket with a Yoga DVD, a mat, a towel and an inspiring message. Ditto for any of the other do-at-home DVDs.
  • For those avid walkers (and shouldn’t we all try for 10,000 steps a day?), a package with a pedometer, water bottle, fitness journal and watch will put them on the right path (tuck in a gift certificate for sneakers for an extra special treat).
  • Don't Leave Home Without ItThe Road ID is a must have for anyone who leaves home for fitness; whether it's to walk, jog, bike or go to the local fitness center.  This small ID tage has enough space to keep emergency contact information, your address, even your blood type. 
  • The Fitbit One is a clever gadget that tracks how many steps you take, the calories you burn and the stairs you climb. It can even monitor your sleep. It's easy to use--- simply attach it to your clothes.  An added bonus is that it syncs to computers and some smartphones. You can purchase it on the company's website  or on Amazon.
  • Now your loved one can even excercise while reading the newspaper or watching TV with a Mini Bike Exerciser. This table or floor model can be used for your arms and legs will help with muscle strength and circulation. 
  • One of my favorites is the Eggsercizers, ergonomically shaped and designed "eggs" that fit the contours of your hand. They're perfect for hand and arm muscles.  They can be used hot or cold. 

Here's a list of websites that will make shopping for fitness gifts easier.  Enjoy!

AceFitness (find a trainer that's certified to train older adults)





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