Last Monday, I woke at 5:00 am so that I could drive a friend to South Miami Hospital(SMH) for a 6:30 am surgery. After about 45 minutes in Pre-Op I was told that I could leave. Bleary- eyed and light-headed, I knew I needed food. Down to the cafeteria I went and had a high protein breakfast. I immediately felt better.

Now it was time for my morning workout (I had 5 hours to kill!). I decided to take a walk, but was rained out after only 15 minutes. What to do? Hmm, the hospital garage was dry and so was the stairwell. South Miami Hospital has signs on the stairwell doors encouraging people to take the stairs for their health. So I did! Eight flights later, I started to wake up.

Next, I took the elevator to the 5th floor and walked the ramp up a few floors, stopping to look at the view and to stretch on each floor. Going down I did 3 sets of walking lunges, stretching intermittently. At this point my legs were getting tired. Time for another stretch, lots of H2O and to move on to upper body.

How do you do upper body in a parking garage? Push-ups, of course! Not wanting to get run over or to get my hands dirty, conventional prone-on-the-floor push-ups were out. By placing my hands on a ledge, I did 3 sets of 15 incline push-ups, which are much easier than the fore-mentioned kind, but are still effective.

And last, I went down to the first floor, found a bench and did 3 sets of dips.Security was very polite to me, but I think that was because at this point, they thought I was nuts!

So what did I accomplish that rainy morning at SMH? By walking, climbing stairs and doing walking lunges I worked all the major muscle groups in the lower body; quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Push-ups primarily target the chest muscles but work the arms as well. Dips work the triceps specifically.

I dare you to share a stranger workout experience!


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Sibyl Adams, Seniority Matters’ featured fitness blogger, has spent three decades in the health and fitness field. She began competing in local body building events in 1980, and by 1983, she was second in her weight class in the International Arm Wresting Championships in San Jose, Costa Rica. Sibyl remained active in the body-building scene for more than a decade, while also teaching aerobics and running races. She retired from body building in 1990, but continued running competitively until 2004, when she suffered an ankle injury.

Today, Sibyl works full-time as a personal fitness trainer and is president of her own company, A Personal Touch Fitness. She is a certified Reiki master, a National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) Certified Trainer, and is currently pursuing a certification in yoga. She enjoys swimming, power-walking and playing with her grandchildren.

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