Does the word Medicare make you feel uneasy? If so, you can be sure you're not alone. With so much complicated information out there it’s so difficult to make informed choices for yourself or an aging relative. You will be happy to be rescued by 65 incorporated. The company, founded by recognized Medicare expert Diane Omdahl and marketing guru Melinda Caughill, has distilled the wealth of Medicare information to create this one-stop-shop for all Medicare needs. And what's more- is that we're thrilled to welcome them as the latest addition to the Seniority Matters Directory. 

The site is a treasure trove of information including videos and white papers, and their online store offers educational programs as well as consulting services on virtually any topic related to the Medicare program. Need to learn the Medicare basics? There’s information. Need to know how to enroll? No worries. Medicare drug plans and costs? It’s all here – even information on Medicare Advantage and Open Enrollment. The beauty is that they're not affiliated with any insurance company: they don't sell insurance nor do they make money from insurance companies or Medicare - They just provide unbiased “credible, correct, complete, and clear information. “

They’re list in  Seniority Matters Directory  and our users are raving. So our directory or their website for information.

Don’t be left scrambling for information. It’s all right there!

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