Our recent blog post  "Guidelines for Purchasing (Medigap) Supplemental Insurance Plans" provided many resources and instructions on how to purchase Medicare Supplemental plans online. 

There is so much information to absorb. In addition to everything that is on the hundreds of related websites, there is also news that we cannot ignore. As an example a published article this week in Health News Florida  reported that 40% of drug plans offered in the state are sub standard, emphasizing the need to fully understand the fine print in your supplemental policy.  

That coupled with the increasing trends to do everything online as well as the limited time frame in which to evaluate, decide, and purchase policies, can make a challenging task even more overwhelming and it may be wise to turn to an independent insurance agent for personal help and guidance.  

The mere thought of it may make you give a sigh of relief but you must be diligent in choosing the right agent for you.

Here are some guidelines in choosing the right insurance agent for you.

  1. Make certain that they are licensed to sell insurance. In Florida you can check by going to the Division of Agent and Agency Services page on the State of Florida Financial Services website. In addition to verifying their license status, the site also provides detailed information on the insurance companies and policies they are authorized to sell.  There is a resource like this available in most states. 
  2. Make certain that the agent represents more than one insurance company, to be sure that he has your best interest in mind.
  3. Don't be afraid to ask for references. 
  4. Feel free to ask all the questions you have, and make sure you understand the responses. 
  5. Ask who handles your business on a daily basis. Do they have office staff that will service you if you have questions throughout the year or do they refer you to an "800" number call center, or will your contact be directly with them?
  6. Do they review your plan with you each year to make sure you have coverage for your anticipated medical needs. 

The Seniority Matters Directory is designed to do a lot of the legwork for you and we include two professional insurance agents in south Florida whose longstanding careers have been spent helping individuals identify their insurance needs and matching these needs with available supplemental plans.

Joe Jaffe is the principal of Secure Future Financial Group. Located in Boca Raton Joe, he can service accounts anywhere in Florida. Joe is available 24/7, especially during the medicare open enrollment period. In addition to selling medicare plans Joe is also certified in Long Term Care and sells annuities and life insurance as well. -- For more information on Joe Jaffe, including his contact information, please view his listing in our directory as well as his company website.

Doug Jacobs is the owner of Douglas M Jacobs and Associates located in North Miami Beach. He services clients throughout Florida. In addition to medicare supplemental plans, Doug also specializes in all various types of personal insurances including life, health, disability, dental, and long term health. He is available around the clock and has the knowledge and patience to answer your individual medicare questions. For more information on Doug, including his contact information please view his listing in our directory and his website.

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