Anxious to kick back with the latest James Patterson thriller? Or escape on a rainy afternoon with a Danielle Steel tome? Perhaps listen to a captivating book on tape or watch a video?

Our libraries are brimming with enticing books, marvelous music, interesting videos and the newest books on tape - and they’re available even for those people who are physically unable to get there. Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward County libraries offer a books-by-mail service for homebound readers - those with chronic illnesses, physical disabilities and frailties of age (they even offer services to facilities such as nursing homes and groups who serve the elderly). Here’s how it works: Fill out an application form (see links below for contact information), qualified applicants can then call or e-mail in their requests and they’ll be mailed to them. Those who can only read large print books due to a visual impairment can file a "Certification of Disability" form to qualify for free postage. Other Broward and Miami-Dade applicants will receive the books postage free, but have to pay return postage unless a friend, family member or caretaker can return them; Palm Beach County picks up the postage tab for its recipients. (This is for county libraries only, check with your city library for its policy). 

For more information: (click to view their websites)

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Linda Haase

Linda Haase, Seniority Matters' guest blogger, is a veteran journalist and a member of the indomitable Sandwich Generation. She is currently a freelance writer for the Palm Beach Post, AARP Bulletin, Boca Raton Observer and other publications.  When she's not writing,she likes to enjoy quiet time at home, dreaming of the day she can sleep past 5 a.m.

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