Retirement Planning Should Include the Possibility of Diminished Capacity

Financial fraud among older individuals is responsible for nearly three billions dollars in personal loss each year.  A recent article in the New York Times  confirms that longer lives and increased years of retirements will result in even more financial fraud.  Financial institutions seem to be stepping up to the plate and stressing the importance of having safety nets...


How to Start Helping Aging Parents: What You Must Know

How do you know if your parents need help?  Sometimes it's very obvious-- and can begin with a dire medical event such as stroke or fall.  For others it's a more lengthy but clear downward path that may be as a result of an early diagnosis of cognitive impairement. And for many it's not clear and we don't often recognize more subtle signs, and don't recognize that a few seemingly...


Check On Your Parents This Holiday Season

The holidays are often the only time of year when the extended family gets together, and those occasions offer you and your siblings an opportunity to check on your parents well-being and discuss your observations together. Do they seem more forgetful or confused? Are they frailer than the last time you saw them? Have they lost too much weight? If you’ve noticed significant changes in their...


Deducting Mom And Dad: Tax Tips For Caregivers

If you're one of the 40 million+ caregivers in the US, then you may know the toll it can take on you financially. But what you may not know that there may be some tax breaks that you can take advantage of.  Here are just a few suggestions for ways to ease the financial burden. Of course, your own accountant or elder law attorney can give you personal advice that will be most pertinent to...


Protecting Your Parents (and Yourself) From Identity Thieves

Identity thieves and other criminals often prey on aging seniors. They know that someone who is a bit confused or forgetful may be persuaded to provide information about their bank account, Social Security number (SSN), date of birth or other private information. But identity theft is a serious problem for people of all ages, and knowing how to respond is important for you as well as your aging...


A Step-by-Step Guide On Giving Power Of Attorney For Healthcare

My father has nine lives. He’s cheated death - and astounded doctors who gave him weeks to live - numerous times. In the process, he’s been in the hospital too many times to count and faced several life-or-death situations. Many times, he was too weak to grasp all the nuances of the medical mumbo jumbo. “Talk to my daughters,” he’d tell the doctors wearily. Talk is cheap, as they say. What we...


Everything Is Negotiable

Have you ever bought a car without haggling over the sticker price? Or paid “asking price” for a house? While most people don’t think twice about negotiating for everything from to washing machines to garage sale discoveries, few would dare bargain when entering an independent living facility. And that’s a big mistake, according to a story published in the Wall Street Journal in May. It notes...


Here's Your Chance To SHINE

Navigating the mind-boggling maze of Medicare and Medicaid rules is daunting. But there’s help - and it’s not one of those infuriating recorded messages. The compassionate souls at SHINE volunteer their time and energy to give seniors free and unbiased information about Medicare and Medicaid - and they’ll even help them apply for Medicare and prescription drug assistance programs. They’re a...


Introducing Ric Pertierra And Personal Protection Corp. He Makes Planning For Your Future Easier.

A bird’s natural instinct is to faithfully and diligently guard its nest. Your nest egg is just as important - and protecting it against the ravages of long term care is imperative. That’s Principal Protection Corp’s expertise. The Miami Beach-based company, a recent addition to the Seniority Matters Service Provider list, knows that since one out of every two people will need long-term care (...


Talk About A Service Provider That Can Really Make Our Lives Easier...A Daily Money Manager

Identifying and enrolling providers for our users has been one of the most challenging yet gratifying parts of developing Seniority Matters. Everyday has been an education, and I now know about people and services that I didn't even know existed.  I can’t believe that I could have gone through life without knowing about them.  As an example (and there are many), I never knew what a...


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