Here's To A Long Bright Future

Longevity expert Dr. Laura Carstensen poses a thought provoking question: What are we going to do with our enhanced life spans? After all, Carstensen points out in her book, A Long Bright Future, our generation didn’t expect to live this long. We complain about not having enough time, she notes, but here’s the good news: science and technology have bestowed an extra twenty or thirty years...


Are Your Meds Making You Sick?

What if a book really could save your life. Would you buy it?”  That’s the question pharmacist Robert Steven Gold poses while touting his book Are Your Meds Making You Sick? A Pharmacist's Guide to Avoiding Dangerous Drug Interactions, Reactions and Side Effects.  Gold, a longtime Indiana pharmacist and Perdue University clinical pharmacy instructor, penned the 280-page...


How To Have The "Prime Time" Of Your Life- Jane Fonda's Guide To Aging With Fervor

Jane Fonda no longer has that “go-for-the-burn” fervor, but at age 74, she still has the moves. And Baby Boomers who want to age as gracefully (although perhaps not as vociferously) as this icon will find inspiration in her book, Prime Time. The Emmy-winning actress lays out a compelling argument that aging should be revered - not feared. Noting that many of us will live much longer than our...


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